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Ab Mat
Ab Mat

Ab Mat

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Perhaps one of the most underappreciated pieces of equipment, the humble AB Mat is often misunderstood... "Which end does against my back?" (the fat end). Or it is mistakenly blamed for the painful and ever undignified bottom chafe.

Correct use of the AlphaFit Ab Mat tilts your pelvis and extends your spine, offering the full range of motion necessary to target all of your abdominals. The AlphaFit Ab Mat is a one-size-fits-all design to offer comfort and support to athletes of all shapes and sizes.

The Ab Mat is a safe training tool for athletes who need to develop their midline before tackling core intensive movements like toes to bar or GHD sit-ups. When incorporated into workouts like tabata or Annie, the AB Mat can be a challenging training tool for more experienced athletes too.

As for the unsightly rash? The gym floor is the culprit so move your Ab Mat onto some smoother matting or invest in some skins.

The AlphaFit Ab Mat is designed in Australia.