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EVENNETT | Custom Mentoring Package

EVENNETT | Custom Mentoring Package

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The EVENNETT Custom Mentoring Package (CMP) is an all-access insight into the training strategies & mindset techniques gained from my time in the Special Forces.

This package is a proven high-performance system, designed to enhance your mind and reshape your body. The team at EVENNETT will change your life for the better.

 The EVENNETT Custom Mentoring Package is a completely individualised resource crafted from scratch by the Evennett Team & I, to confirm the goal you’re chasing is achieved and you come out of this better than ever.

Every CMP comes inclusive of...

  •  12 Week Customised Training Program developed with military-grade precision, for the purpose of achieving your goal. Among the criteria included are; your lifestyle habits, working arrangements, availability of equipment and facilities, injury history and training background.
  • 12 Week Customised Nutrition Plan developed to compliment your training and lifestyle goals, with the inclusion of your own customised Supplementation guide. 
  • Weekly Mindset Training Series to put you in a heightened state of mind. You’ll inherit laser-sharp focus and the ability to overcome and adapt any of life’s obstacles. Remembering that all of this starts with the right mindset & attitude - “Your mind will always give up before your body does”.
  • 24/7 Support & Correspondence with the Team & I, as well as full-access to an exclusive online exercise-demonstration library & private online Facebook groups for support, motivation, camaraderie & accountability.