EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete. - Evennett
EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete. - Evennett
EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete. - Evennett

EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete.

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Welcome to EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete. 

The EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete program utilizes Special Forces training principles, complimented with high-performance training concepts from the professional sports arena - to develop maximum muscle and total functional strength. 

Warrior Athlete is a hybrid mix of programming that is unlike anything else available.

You may have tried countless times before - but, you've never experienced a program like EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete. Become a part of the movement of people, affectionately known as the #EvennettArmy, who are achieving life-changing results, by getting your copy of EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete, today!  

Warrior Athlete distances itself from others, in its honesty & truthfulness. There are no ‘secrets’ or ‘shortcuts’ – Just the reality that results are determinant upon hard work (see ‘sweat equity’), consistency & the relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

Warrior Athlete delivers in respect to the totality of its programming. Developed in accordance with Special Forces (SF) training principles and implemented with military-grade specificity, EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete offers a proven training platform, used & trusted to develop the most elite-bracket of military personnel – now, for the everyday man & woman, to combat the rigours of today’s modern landscape(s).

EVENNETT | Warrior Athlete comes inclusive of:

  • A twelve (12) week training program, designed to build maximum muscle & total functional strength.
  • A twelve (12) week nutritional guide, created to enforce correct nutritional habits for optimal muscle growth, fat-loss, and energy output.
  • An extensive video exercise encyclopedia to reference over the course of your program and beyond.

AND for PURCHASING TODAY, you will receive the following BONUS' FREE!

  • EVENNETT | Supplement Guide Valued at AUD$ 39.99
  • EVENNETT | Mindset Principles Valued at AUD$ 39.99

The EVENNETT motto is simply, “Challenge Accepted.” and the Warrior Athlete program is the perfect representation of this! 

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re aiming to reach a higher echelon of physical and mental performance - Warrior Athlete gets you there!